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BOOK NOW +39 0577 892515 +39 331 4040340 info@andiamo.it

About Us


We are...

andiamo.it is a young and dynamic tour operator that brings together a group of Sienese businesses that for years have been involved in

– local development through experiential tourism
– cultural valorisation of tourism destinations
– digital innovation
– facilitated finance.

andiamo.it believes territories should be experienced in a more sustainable fashion by tourists. We cater for those who travel with a greater understanding of their impact on social and natural ecosystems, and those in search of a people-friendly offer that enhances local knowledge and products.

We are convinced that local tourism needs to be sustained and nurtured by physical interaction and cannot be completely reliant on the web or social media. We want to create a relationship of trust and comfort with our guests, by guiding and accompanying them during their visit to get to know Siena and its surroundings.


Siena is a city that is as charming as it is physically demanding for those with limited mobility or disabilities, but also for families with toddlers or seniors. No visitor to our wonderful land is alone with us by your side, our main goal is to make sure your visit is a positive and memorable experience. Our idea of accessibility goes hand in hand with sustainability and respect for the city’s liveability. That’s why andiamo.it’s kick start is ‘green’ and a lot of fun as well! Our electric tuk-tuk have four comfortable seats, do not clutter the road and are wonderfully silent. To travel ‘without windows’ provides for a more immersive experience while visiting the city and a healthier option. Join our daily tours in Siena and if you have specific needs and requests or if you’d like a customized private trip, write to info@andiamo.it


Over the years we have penned our personal guide to the highlights, in and around Siena. We have met and worked with restaurants, wineries, farms, tourist and environmental guides, expert drivers, artisans… Today we present them to you because we trust them, just as we hope you will trust our guide and our knowledge of that genius loci that makes our territory unique. Let us accompany you, let us drive you! Join our daily tours in Siena and beyond or get in touch and we can plan together a custom-made itinerary for you!